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About Homeowner Connect TM
This Homeowner ConnectTM website has been created to give homeowners who face difficulty paying their mortgage some clear and easy information, tools and options.
At Homeowner Connect TM, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to make smart decisions about what options are available. Then, we show you the next steps to avoid a foreclosure.

This Homeowner ConnectTM is a neutral voice to people who want to take control of their financial situation.
Homeowner ConnectTM is a neutral website. We’re a division of Hope LoanPort®, a nonprofit corporation that’s not owned by any mortgage company or counseling agency. As a division of Hope LoanPort®we’re dedicated to providing a secure website for homeowners (and their counselors) to talk about plans that are alternative to foreclosure, with their mortgage servicers.

Homeowner ConnectTM is a also a direct link to people who are able to make decisions on foreclosure alternatives.
At Homeowner ConnectTM, we also assist you by connecting you to housing counselors and mortgage servicers to start the process of fixing a default situation. Our reputation in the industry has made us the best and safest resource for homeowners, housing counselors, and mortgage servicers. Here, everyone can work together on foreclosure alternatives, openly and honestly, with nothing hidden.